Some Ways for Making Electronic Appliance Smarter

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Vendors of electronic products have come up with some ways to raise the intelligence so to speak of their products. That has benefited the user friendliness and thus has led to increased sales in that market segment. In particular, smart appliances not only save power but also are much easier to operate and also allow the user to connect from another location. In addition, smart appliance will be able to maintain safe operating parameters and be less prone to use the arrow.

Mostly manufacturers have been able to accomplish this by incorporating integrated circuits and processors into their products. These processes are able to run software which was specifically designed for the appliance. Most importantly, since the software is able to interface with, protocols such as Wi-Fi, the appliance can …

How Well Do Bluetooth Wireless Speakers Work?

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Lately many people have asked me about how well Bluetooth speakers actually work. Well, there are actually several aspects to this question. The most obvious question is how well do Bluetooth speakers sound. There is no simple answer to this question. Obviously, the sound quality depends on the particular model. However, Bluetooth speakers typically have less sound quality then regular speaker models.

some decent wireless speakers

The lack of sound quality is the result not only of the Bluetooth audio transmission but also of the speaker design. Bluetooth models are usually fairly small and therefore are lacking bass response. If you want to overcome the shortcomings of Bluetooth speakers you could instead get an audio receiver for Bluetooth and hook it up to a speaker. However, dealing with a dedicated receiver is a bit …

Why You Might Want to Think Twice before Purchasing Wireless Speakers

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Manufacturers of wireless speakers are experts at convincing their customers that their products are the solution to their problem of not being able to wire speakers. They usually promise the sky. Purchasing wireless speakers seems to be the key to unlimited freedom when placing loudspeakers in your home. However, wireless speakers as many other products have some drawbacks that manufacturers of these usually try to hide.

Amphony cordless speakers

If you look at wireless speakers from, you will see that these promise a wireless range of 600 feet. The first misconception about wireless speakers is that the range which is published in the technical specifications is often not very realistic. These numbers where usually measured in an ideal environment where the transmitter as well as the speakers …

Why Do Loudspeakers Cause Distortion?

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When purchasing audio equipment, you probably pay close attention to the specifications. For example, when buying an audio amplifier, you always want to look at how much wattage the amplifier can deliver continuously and what the audio distortion is. Audio distortion is an important criterion for evaluating the performance of any audio equipment. Distortion means how much the signal is going to change because of nonlinearities inside the equipment. In other words, distortion is a number which expresses the ratio of the energy which is unwanted distortion versus the energy of the original signal. The higher this number the more distorted the signal is. One typical case where the signal is going to distort is if you turn up the signal that is fed into an amplifier beyond the maximum allowed level. …

How Do Wireless Speakers Work?

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Have you ever wondered about the inner workings of wireless speakers? Well, just keep on reading if you want to learn some of the basics of how exactly these speakers work. Don’t worry. I won’t get to technical. I’m just going to scratch the surface and outline some of the basic working principles of wireless speakers.

The basic principle of all wireless speakers is the same. However, there are different technologies available regarding the transmission and also the amplification of the audio signal. So therefore I will overview some of the most important and widespread technologies. Let’s start out with the wireless. Key to the success of these wireless speakers is the fact that the audio is sent via the air. Obviously that is quite different from traditional speakers which accept the …